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Corona virus in drinking water

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                          Coronavirus Covid-19


Quick Note: Live on high floors?
Could the problem of contamination of water sources in Corona, in the lower water pool and / or in the roof of the water tank, sound imaginary? Click here
? Is it possible to get a coronavirus by bacterium through the drinking water, sounds imaginary
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On 5.3.20, in Haaretz newspaper published an interview with Professor Itamar Grotto
(for the article click here)

An innocent question was asked:
Does the virus survive in the water?
And is there a danger of getting stuck in swimming pools?

Grotto's answer: "There is no danger of infection in swimming pools. The virus is very sensitive to chlorine in the pool." (For an answer click here)
Professor Itamar Grotto's scholarly evasion of the possibility of the appearance of the Corona in drinking water is not accidental and indicates that we are not sure if there is sufficient Chlorine to disinfect drinking water when drinking a glass of water, brushing your teeth, taking a shower, etc.
Professor Grotto, like many of his colleagues in the world, just doesn't know for sure how long the Corona virus can survive in the water, and the main question is
whether the corona virus can reach drinking water?

In our opinion, there is more chance that the corona virus will appear in our drinking water.
Since we live in the area, there are a number of such options, starting with pool water pool pollution at the bottom of the building and / or pollution
The upper water reservoir on the roof of the building.
    how does it happen?
The lower water reservoir is a fully open reservoir and the upper water tank is covered, but must be partially open for the purpose of gravitating water to the consumers, the sealing of the tank will not allow the tank water to flow down the pipe to the houses.
There are three main indicators of chlorine levels measured in drinking water:
1) Total chlorine in water (TOTAL CHLORINE) - means the total level of all chlorine present in water, including available chlorine and related chlorine.
2)                              The amount of water-related chlorine (CONNECTED CHLORINE) - the amount of chlorine associated with the organic chlorine-derived sample.
3)       ll available (FREE CHLORINE) - Available unrelated chlorine level, designed to keep us from a bacterial and / or viral infection outbreak, the maximum chlorine level is 0.5 mg.
How is the inclusion in the State of Israel carried out?
The water on our way comes to the Association of Cities for the introduction of chlorine, ammonia and fluorine
The level of ammonia and fluorine is known and fixed, but the level of chlorine that is supposed to enter the water is unknown.
Therefore, chlorine is infiltrated until 0.5 ml of chlorine is left, chlorine first binds to organic materials and is therefore inefficient and produces chlorine inorganic, the associated chlorine level may be high and harmful to health, as well as related chlorine is ineffective and loses its antiseptic capabilities, which is why For additional chlorine free, and sometimes disproportionate, income.
While we in the State of Israel exclude chlorine levels of 0.5 mg, in the United States we add 6 mg of free chlorine, which means 12 times the inclusion in the State of Israel.
In practice, the bitter experience of Americans in the Michigan disaster in the United States that even at the level of 6 mg of chlorine may be an outbreak as it taught them in Michigan, as the whole world must be taught that mistakes happen in a timely manner and do harm to the health of hundreds of thousands of people, unfortunately such mistakes do not know when They appear, so it is advisable to adopt all American devices without trying to understand them, and not as is the case in the State of Israel that only after a long period of damage to citizens adopt the lead-free fuel standards and its lead-free water pipe connectors will devote an entire chapter.
 The carcinogenic lead values ​​of our pipe connectors in our homes in the State of Israel.
While in the US a standard was introduced in 1985 regarding the reduction of lead from 1.65 PPM to the level required by "LEAD FREE" standards, in Israel the standard will only enter on 1.3.2020 after 35 years.
We have been aware that for 35 years we have been drinking and showering in water rich in carcinogenic lead, this is what the excellent Commissioner for Standardization, Mr. Jacob Wechtel, wrote in the commentary. "The reduction of lead values ​​has come to maintain public health." Hence it is clear to us that so far, they have simply not maintained public health.
The question remains open: Is there any chance of the Corona virus appearing in drinking water?
The closed answer: Sure, it is
To answer this question, we must assume the worst-case scenario
For example, we have no chlorine left in high-rise drinking water, for example, because the container must be open so that all the chlorine has evaporated, or has been linked to organic pollutants (unfortunately, a scenario that often occurs too) and the water does contain bacteria and corona viruses.
You ask how?
Obviously, high-rise buildings are prone to riots, due to the exposure of the open air to water primarily in the lower pools or roof top containers, exposed to hoverflies such as mosquitoes



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which may suck the corona patient's blood and reach the tank for drinking water, or for dumping or mercury death The last among them, which, as mentioned, carries the corona virus.
And here we have a water tank in the roof of the residential building that is entirely infected with the corona virus, what remains is to consume the water within an estimated 3 hours, according to the publications that the life of the corona virus in the human body is 3 hours.
 But if there is a bacteria in the water tank, we already said that the chlorine has evaporated, the
corona virus and bacteria can increase the duration of the corona virus due to the bacteria
                                                               Buildings  drinking water reservoir                                                          

תמונה קשורה

So it is very important to get bacteria-free water that is the virus's storage and transport tool
how do you do it?

Invite a disinfected company and a continuous chlorine meter can be installed, which churns the water down as the chlorine level falls below the desired value, and what the professional company will do (after showing the proper permits and licenses to do so)
The company will check for chlorine remaining, and you should also install a continuous chlorine meter that will know how to maintain the desired value and give chlorine only when needed.
And what to do when there is a pump failure that results from a technical problem, failed maintenance, etc.?

That's exactly why to buy a Lotus hybrid! To stay healthy even when the state or nature fails


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