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Lotus hybrid

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מחיר מחירון:₪4,900.00
המחיר שלנו:₪2,690.00
מע"מ:כולל מע"מ
דמי משלוח:₪22.00
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                                                             Lotus hybrid    

                        All-water treatment system at home, at a reduced price and for a limited time
Also handles lime scale, bacteria, lead coming from the water network and lead from the pipe inside    the house                                                                                                                                                                      

Here are lab results that prove this:         

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Institute for Microbiology Prevention 99.9% Bacteria
 Testing Technion Institute for the Prevention of Scale in home Pipeline and water heater at 99%:
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 Health Ministry Laboratory Test for Lead Filtration Dropping from Pipe Connectors * In-Home:
Click Here

 Ministry of Health laboratory test for lead filtration coming from the network water to the foyer:
click here

 An article discussing the issue of drinking water mainly on high floors, and these crazy days:
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  Important: The new standard from March 2020 for brass plumbing connectors and housed in the
walls of the house was to apply

As far back as 1985 when the US changed the standard of lead, as a 1.6% lead endangers human health, needless to say the actual level is much higher than 1.6%, and lead facilitates the manufacturing process, and the Standards Institute is unable to check the hundreds of thousands of items Smuggled from China under the category of: "Irrigation Accessories" and in the language of Importers / Standards Institute
SC (standard does not apply) means exemption from the Lead Leakage Testing Institute.
After much work by "abusive" people (for example, quantitatively) there was no choice but to change the standard again in March 2019, but the market forces and the unintelligible surrender of government ministries rejected the standard in March 2020, and if you ask, is it right now that accessories in the built houses are Non-lead despite device standard? The answer is clear and decisive, because there is no one to supervise.
The Commissioner for Standardization Mr. Jacob Wechtel writes in writing ... "The reduction of lead values ​​has come to maintain public health" ..
Is the conclusion that from 1985 to the present we drink carcinogenic lead, since the state has not maintained public health?
To see the delinquent document of the Commissioner of Regulatory Affairs Mr. Jacob Wechtel click here
You still ask why we owe a lotus hybrid? Here are the answers
1)The only filter in the world that has zero bacterial results inside the filter in the direction of the house, and all the amount of water for domestic use.
2) The only filter in the world that reduces 99% tartar to all water in the house and does not contain a dangerous level of phosphorus.
3) The only filter in the world that knows how to stop lead leakage from the brass fasteners already in your house walls.
     The only filter in the world that knows how to lower the lead level from the water supply to the entrance to the house.
4) The only filter allowed to drink a person according to Medical Standard 42 NSF, American Standard, Canadian and more
   **Since many Israeli, Indian and Chinese manufacturers are lying about the correctness of their standard, we will later know
     How to find out who is telling the truth and who is not
5) The only filter in the world that proactively adds Mg + 2 at 60 mg (the minimum drinkable drink is 50 mg)
     To prevent heart events and nervous diseases, it is therefore suitable for both natural and desalinated water.
6) The world's only nominal 1-micron filter and therefore filter: intestinal parasites, red water, rust and mostly plastic micro-fibers (PLASTIC MICRO FIBERS)
*Description of the trial: In an experiment conducted in the Ministry of Health's laboratories, distilled water was taken in with 2 ml of fluorine, to be as close as possible to the tap water, we used two filtration systems (without internal content) one hybrid lotus filter and the other a standard filter house. The filters have 115 PPB dissolved lead, for the purpose of simulating a dwelling, which we did by connecting all the filters to a water pipe with a brass faucet connector of "1.5" and two brass fittings of "3/8", in a test carried out for both systems, results were obtained, although known but still amazing , Since the test was conducted in a water flow using a pump and not when the water was standing!
     The results obtained unequivocally prove that even in the flow, there is a dangerous lead leakage to a level of 133 PPB
    ! This means a leakage of 18 PPB with the upper limit allowed is only 10 PPB
     The hybrid lotus stays with a lead level that aims for zero!
     It is important to note that water that is in the pipeline containing lead for a day and even just an hour will contain very high values.
    Conclusion: Although the lead for removing the lead from the brass connectors in the domestic piping has come too late, the hybrid lotus gives us a solution today!
 ** As mentioned above, the International Standards Institutions have decided to list those eligible for international standards in the library, how to do this?
                  Because we live in the Land of Israel, hence every company can always claim that it also  exists


    PLATINUM SEAL                                                 

 For tests by the Ministry of Health on the lotus lead device, click here
 For examinations by the Ministry of Health for the Lotus Arsenic device, click here
 For examinations by the Ministry of Health for the lotus fluoride device, click here
 For examinations of the lotus device for enrichment of magnesium, click here
 For examinations by the Ministry of Health for the lotus device for chlorine, click here
 To view the Technion tests for tartar reduction by 99% click here
 To view the NSF exams for the NSF-42 medical device, click here
 To view all international devices of the filter, click here
 Does the Ministry of Health tell us all the truth about the lead in the water we shower and drink
for an answer click here
Phases of Hybrid Lotus Treatment
Step 1) Til-ROD - After 20 years of research and open we received an internal swivel rod that prevents tartar settling by attaching the hydrochloric acid (H2CO3) in water, the system has been thoroughly tested by Technion Chemistry scientists who have proven in laboratory experiments for 278 hours for revolutionary results, Magnesium stays available and provides an excellent solution for solar water heaters, espresso machines, and pipe damage, as well as a bacteriostatic unit that prevents bacterial growth.
Step 2) Biomagnetic casing - a casing with powerful static magnets to help keep the light metal flakes inside the filter
Step 3) Generation 5 - Dark and Bacteriostatic Cartridge, for arsenic treatment of bio-ceramic technology, 60 mg magnesium balance (also for desalinated water) by unique technology developed in TIP-Tech and reducing microbial growth, mainly of the Legionella and Pseudo-bacterial bacterium.
Step 4) The PF Network - a 1 micron level filtration network that handles red water, intestinal parasites and plastic fibers
Step 5) Patent for the removal of O2: When we extract the dissolved oxygen from the water there are two main things that we have proved in laboratory tests a) Dead aerobic bacteria b) There is no
corrosive process in the brass connectors that cause the lead to be released into the drinking water
It is important 
Absorption of "lead" from the bloodstream into the bloodstream mainly occurs in the bath / shower / clothing, and occurs in eight main ways
1. Through the pores of the skin throughout the body - the short way to the bloodstream
2. Through cuts, mosquito bites and skin, scalp and gum / gums - the short way to blood circulation
3. The respiratory route - the short path to the bloodstream
4. The eyes / ears - the short way to the bloodstream
5. The venous / vaginal pathway - through the genitals / reproduction
6. Anus / Hemorrhoids - Intestine through the bloodstream
7. Oral, gum wounds and water swallowing - also through the stomach for blood circulation
8. Through clothes, bedding and towels washed in lead water - through the pores of the skin directly to the bloodstream
· Note - out of 8 options of "lead" penetration into the bloodstream, there is only one option
Where the "lead" can get through the stomach, partially and indirectly, and 7 shorter, faster ways
More and more directly, without "gastric" mediation, which may lower the level of "lead" passing into the bloodstream.
* Note that water-washed clothing with lead will likely contain lead values ​​that may be absorbed in the garment's contact with the skin
 From many studies, it is proven that the casualties are the adult group, and most of the casualties are infants and children up to age 9 (worth reading). The problem is not only "lead", but also "lead", which we think is the main problem is the lack of transparency of government ministries to the public, such as improper treatment of water and the flow of water.
* Important: Standard water pressures are between 2.5-5 bar if there is an exception, contact the water supplier or the maintenance company responsible for the subject!
The standard pressures can be found in the Water Authority Report Section 7.2! , In cases where there are non-standard pressures, a pressure reducer must be installed,
Recommended from German or Swiss and not Chinese !! The reducer should be set to 5 bar in the maximum range
* Important: It is not recommended to install a home repeater, but only a main repeater for the entire building, according to the Water Authority Report Section 5.5!
* Important: Within a short time (DAY ONE) of installing the Lotus system, the plumbing and rust disassembly of the plumbing will begin! Therefore, there may be colored water (white and / or brown)
The pipe cleaning process is in progress because the Lotus system is pouring clean water into the pipe! Clean water is the best solvent available in nature
There is nothing to fear from these waters and in fact we are seeing for the first time what we both drank before installing the Lotus!
The phenomenon will disappear as soon as the plumbing is clean and free of tartar and rust, so the water should be poured a few minutes before using it.
It is worth noting that the pipe cleaning process may take several months, so there may be an excess of tartar even in newly built and / or renovated houses, it is advisable to follow the sediment decomposition process by sending water samples for testing.
* Important: If no white sediment is detected over time and / or red water appears, test tubes should be sent for water samples
For analysis and testing of magnesium level mainly.
* Important: We understand that there must be a minimum of tartar sedimentation in the kettle boil, if the water is normal and drinkable, the tartar sedimentation
Indicates balanced water In terms of PH level, the appearance of tartar in the kettle does not indicate tartar appearance in the pipeline and solar water heater.
* It's important to note that a bacterium is not a virus, and Corona is a virus! Nor do we know if this virus is capable or not of living in water

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