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Fiber glass in drinking water

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Hazardous glass fibers were detected in filters such as the Hardless
The hurdless of Israeli companies, such as Super Wave and more, seem to understand everything
Manufacturers only the Lotus filter by Tipa-Tech meets the strict health standard
                       NSF 42 and therefore, safe for drinking and bathing
Experts claim: "Most solid malignant tumors contain fiberglass
This means: "Most cancerous tumors contain glass fiber (fiberglass)"
Fiberglass is used by the plastics industry to strengthen it without
 adding weight and / or thickness
Often, agricultural filters are made of cheap plastic (polypropylene) enriched with about 30% glass fiber, to achieve this goal, exactly the same plastic from which the products are made
In the world in general, and the NSF standards in particular (NSF-Water Products Health Standards) do not drink from a product that may
Emit glass fibers and certainly non-plastic fibers into the distilled
 drinking water / bath, which is not taught and / or applied in the example of the hairdresser product
   If the filter, indeed intended for human drinking, was exported overseas as a human drinking filter, but overseas health (especially the NSF) maintains citizens' health, so products containing glass fiber are exposed even though they are "made in Israel" disqualified for human use. But, unfortunately, agricultural products are sold in Israel and are intended solely for human drinking, in the world there are plastic drinking products containing glass fiber, but the manufacturers make sure to strip high-quality and expensive material so that they do not leak glass fiber in boiled water.
The sad part is that the product is sold as a home filter even though the agricultural product may emit glass fibers and endanger the health of the drink. Can we conclude from this that all products actually excrete glass fibers? We have not tested all hundreds of thousands of products installed at the entrance to homes in the State of Israel, but according to our tests Do not drink water from a filter for agriculture.
We chose the Hardless product for testing, all we have left is to visually examine inventions of glass fiber from old products, as well as the potential for glass fiber leakage from a new product.
We randomly selected a customer's product, put our hands in and out, and for two days we walked around with glass fiber spikes in our fingers .
Obvious conclusion: Do you have a filter product at the entrance?
All you have to do is disassemble the bottom, wipe away the moisture (and rust if necessary), make sure the filter housing is completely dry
Look inside and make sure if there are no glass fibers, a cotton ball can be passed on the tested surface, and if you found glass fiber you immediately disassembled the filter
For example: pictures of the hairdresser products


For example: the world's best lotus filter

To our surprise, the new product is still not a thorn in the fingerboard, so it is supposed to be standard, but you can definitely see the glass fibers that will be exposed within a short period of time with the chlorine in water to remove the thin plastic layer, and then both plastic and glass fiber, This is a serious and widely spoken problem in the world.
In the world, drinking plastic scraps carries drinking water, known and worrying, below is an article on the subject click here

Remember! The aforementioned water filters emit plastic particles before the fiberglass layer is exposed, apparently the plastic is also dangerous, for article click here
Proper Disclosure: The used Hurdles filters, which have been tested as glass fiber emitters, have been found in customers for about 5 years.
And what the academy has more to say about plastic, click here

How much fiberglass is problematic? For an answer click here

Conclusion: Your family's health rests on your decision-making power, unfortunately Israeli standards sometimes make the mistake of giving
              The standard, and not always these systems do keep us healthy, it is very useful to consult with doctors,
               Chemists, plasticines who know everything, to buy a system that the whole family drinks from.
              Incorrect drinking system can also harm drinking, even cooking and especially taking the shower.
               According to this article, it can be understood that from the standpoint of the Israeli Standards Institute, a device is given for a product that has been tested and found to be suitable,
               Therefore, it is a priority to adopt international standards such as the NSF and if there is an Israeli standard mark, what is good.
It should be noted that the device for the water leaving the product must be ascertained.
              If there is a standard on the plastic or dry chemical that has not been tested in device activity, it is not interesting,
              Chlorine also has a standard, the question of how I use chlorine and what the quantity is.
              For example, if I mix standard chlorine with standard nitric acid, I produce a blast that favors
              Gases are dangerous, so maybe the gas generated is standard, but my health is not
              And if I incubate water at 5 grams and not 5 milligrams, I cause medical damage.
If there is such a filter in your home, you can learn from this video how to check for fiber exposure
              Glass that could endanger our health.
              From our experience we learn that examining the fibers with bare fingers leaves glass spines
              With fingers for several days, therefore, transfer a flush (stick to ear cleaning) a little unobtrusive, on the plastic you can
              To help us with early diagnosis, if cotton wool is caught in plastic, it shows exposure
              The glass fiber after the filtering process means that the glass fiber comes to us for drinking, food, shower
              (To the entire body area) and also brushing your teeth, eyes, skin pores and more.

The facts in the video reinforce the world's common suspicions of tiny plastic particles entering our bodies
      Through the drinking water, if the hairdresser filter in a new condition is coated with a plastic layer initially
       Does not catch the cotton wool and after a period, the cotton wool is caught, a sign that the plastic layer melted into the drinking water
       Traveling with us inside the body, you can read it here
      Below is the photograph of the hairdresser filter in which the "toothpick experiment" was done, it can be clearly seen that this product is of Israeli standard
     1505/1, marked with the Israeli Red Institute's standard logo and should keep or at least not harm our health!

Note to all water products manufacturers:
      The state maintains us in the most advanced technologies in the world in the field of security in particular.
      Anyone who deals in water pooling, such as mineral water companies, should keep in mind that the drinking water you market
      Enclosed in a plastic bottle, therefore, the plastic may not emit foreign chemicals into the water, the one the Ministry of Health
      Not picking up the estrogen-like glove in plastic, that doesn't mean you're not supposed to.
      The second issue is the issue of magnesium, we are witnessing companies supplying 20mg of magnesium and mentioning it in the campaign
      Their "Magnesium Container" advertising just ridiculed Rash, these companies probably know as I do the minimum in the world
      Talking about 50mg they barely provide 20mg which means less than 50% of the minimum.
       To remind you of the definition of "tartar treatment" there is treatment of light metals which are calcium, magnesium and iron
       So, if there is a reduction in magnesium values, it is definitely a health injury, since our body must
       Getting magnesium from drinking water, and you must will warn the customers.
The hairdresser
      The innocent citizen does not have the ability to check the quality of the product, so he understands that if there is a standard, then the product is drinkable and washable, unfortunately not the hairdresser, nor the Israeli Standards Institute do not say and / or write
      To citizens, what are the dangers of tartar removal, starting with lowering magnesium
      A heart attack of 50% and not the use of "Siliphos" which raises the permitted phosphorus values ​​in the Israeli standard 10 mg, while in a world already hit by phosphorus recommends a maximum phosphorus level of 0.2 mg, which means the standard requires 50 times as much.
       Worst of all, the intentional disappearance of the original MSDS of the Siliphos from all the world's existing websites.
      In the Israeli Standards Institute understandable / tested / interesting that the hazardous glass fibers are emitted from systems that have received standard ISO 1505/1?
      Does the Standards Institute know that the reason for the establishment of the Standards Institute is to maintain the health of the citizens?
                               If the answers are yes!  So, it's about time to do it
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