Quality of drinking water in high-rise buildings

תוצאת תמונה עבור מאגר מים בבניין רב קומות

Can drinking water in these buildings be a health hazard?
The answer is that we will never know, the Ministry of Health is not directly responsible for high-rise water
But definitely states: According to Regulation No. 1525 of the Israeli Ministry of Health Institute's guidelines, the water reservoirs in joint buildings must be disinfected once a year.
But who checks if a disinfectant was performed? Who checks the quality of the autoclave? Who checks in the hospital emergency room if the cause of hospitalization is due to drinking water failure? Who is investigating the cause of carcinogenic outbreaks and whether they were caused by drinking water and / or bathing water?
The answer to the four questions is the same: No one checks
Let's first know the concepts of water and the water course, the water supply until we get home.
The quality and composition of the water in our home has an exact definition in the "People's Health Policy" so that we know what is supposed to be healthy and recommended to drink, but we do not know what we drink and what we will understand later.
The Ministry of Health is changing the "People's Health Regulations" according to political needs and not necessarily medical needs, a good example of this is lowering the magnesium values ​​of a necessary 50 mg in the previous regulations to the value
Of 0 mg in the current regulations clear to all medical professionals that water is damaging to health, and the reason is that desalinated water does not have any necessary magnesium values ​​for health, so "make sure" to lower the magnesium values ​​to zero, or that the desalinated water is legal or more correct
Bend the law only after committing the actual offense, and to the glory of the State of Israel
Another thing is that there are very important values ​​in public health regulations that are not being tested by water providers, such as "arsenic", which is a carcinogen that comes to us directly from the spraying fields above the aquifers, and we already know that there are alarming values ​​in the water, which are of no concern to the Ministry of Health.
From this we learn that if we want to maintain our health, we have nothing left but to rely on ourselves.
And from that assumption we will continue to say that we get the water from the water supply to the main water clock of the building, so that it is our responsibility for our drinking water up to the main water meter and beyond this water clock, it is our responsibility if we live in a private house or small building without pools and / or So this is a huge advantage, as the area of ​​responsibility of the authorities comes to the outskirts of our home, and hence
Do you live in a high-rise building? The state is not responsible for the water in your home
The problem starts on the high floors, because the amount of water and water pressure is not enough for all tenants in the morning, evening and especially on Friday afternoon, which are the critical hours for water consumption in homes.
For this purpose, make sure you have pooled repositories that you can use in real-time.
Hence, the water reaches the main water clock, and from there to the lower pool
Located in the basement accompanied by water pumps whose job is to supply water directly to apartments up to a height
Approximately 75% of the building height, and also for filling a water tank located on the roof of the building and serves as both an emergency tank and to supply water to the top of the building by gravity with or without a pressure boost pump.
Hence, we have created two major problems, one that we are responsible for the resulting water quality and not the water provider and / or the Ministry of Health, and the other problem is that the containers are handled by private companies licensed by the Ministry of Health, and do not always do the job.
Probably water reservoirs have a natural tendency to contaminate, starting with the rust of the iron ladder dipped into it, dead ions in snails with or without conch, cockroaches, lizards, dust and more
Although the Ministry of Health strictly adheres to a disinfectant once a year, the home committee does not always carry out this important task, with all the excuses starting with: I do not have a budget this year, or have a filter at the entrance to the building, and the main reason is the lack of knowledge to the home about the availability of water reservoirs And certainly not about having to deal with them for a fee, house committees take turns because this role is on a voluntary basis so that the overlap issue does not exist. Of course, you are a good committee if the entrance and garden are well maintained, since the garden seeds and the water tanks do not.
A good example reads in the State of Israel where the Tel Aviv District Health Bureau conducted an examination in the central area, and in this examination, we realized that it is very dangerous to live in high-rise buildings in the central area due to the neglect of water reservoirs.
Furthermore, even when we treat our own water by an outside company, we do not really know whether the treatment was performed properly, or we received fictitious and impaired treatment, and worse we do not know for sure if we received any treatment at all.
To this end, holding companies have been established that handle the building and maintenance, and are also responsible for disinfecting the containers, but
We have often come across cases where, even though the warranty applies to a high-tech outside holding company,
Container cleaning companies do not carry out any containment, so the water was found to be improper for drinking a few days after the "alleged" handling of the containers.
With the immediate conclusion of let's live in the villa and the state will be responsible for us, I agree
But with the conclusion of … "Not interesting, I drink mineral water .." I disagree
Since most mineral water in the country contains bottled estrogen and is harmful to health, they all contain high levels of bacteria and mainly contain levels of plastic fibers that leak from the bottle (Plastic micro fibers), so the main problem is not drinking a liter of 50 liters a day, taking a 50 liter shower, And I, with all my experience, don't know how to shower with mineral water, so skies containing toxins like lead and arsenic enter through the pores of the skin throughout the body.
Another problem exists in exposing the water in the lower pool, and exposing the collecting tank on the roof to the air, since it is necessary to leave an opening in the air for gravity (1 atmospheric + 1
atmospheric for every 10 meters drop)

Usually there are roaches, dead pigeons, lizards, snails with or without the armor, mice and other
parasites, which come after the decay such as worms and other bacteria

Loss of chlorine in the lower pool and in the rooftop, tank is essentially the loss of soldiers who are supposed to protect the water from microbial growth, as the chlorine evaporates, although chlorine can be linked to ammonia and even do so despite the health problems, and still chlorine loses

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