lead in our drinking water and our babies health

How does "lead" come from the water, to our children – and what the solution is?

Why are the main victims of "lead" children and babies?

Why are 72% of students from a particular area diagnosed with learning disabilities?

Should you breastfeed instead of using tap water?

Does boiling water solve the problem?

Maybe you should get off the ground?

Does "water softener" solve the "lead" problem?

Is mineral water a good solution?

What is the safe threshold for "lead" in the body?

Is there a danger of bathing in water containing "lead"?

Do "Israeli standard" water filters remove "lead" from the water?

Is there a solution to lower the "lead" values for all water in your home?

Questions and Answers

Why are the main "lead" victims in the water, babies and children up to age 6?

Why are 72% of students from a particular area diagnosed with learning disabilities?

Israel , is a very good example to study and understand the way we are treating our children.

The Ministry of Education recently published a rising trend in the rate of diagnosed learning disabilities among those eligible for adulthood.

  In the professional literature, only 5% of people with severe learning disabilities speak to a maximum of 12% of minor learning disabilities, in the general population of the world.

  It makes sense that the level of learning disabilities is higher among youth who are not eligible for adulthood, otherwise this youth is likely to be eligible for adulthood, hence

   It can be assumed that we may even reach a level of 91% of learning disabilities, is it a coincidence that the Sharon areas, including

  Herzliya and Tel Aviv, are in the industrial area

 And the main question is, is it a coincidence that in areas where lead contaminants were also found in drinking water, there has been a drastic increase in learning disabilities?

Maybe you should breastfeed instead of using water-based food substitutes?

With such an assumption, surely every mother will decide to breastfeed the child by the age of 18, but we are sorry to disappoint you,

The "lead" also passes into breast milk, during breastfeeding.


Does boiling water solve the "lead" problem?

On the contrary, boiling the water exacerbates the problem by boiling the concentration of "lead", because while boiling is part of the water

Evaporates and reduces the volume of water, but the "lead" level remains stable and constant.

Maybe I should get out off my country?

Really unnecessary, since the problem of "lead" in water is worldwide, as is the State of Israel.

Does "water softener" solve the "lead" problem?

"Water softener" increases the concentration of "lead" in water, since soft water encourages the "lead" components from the piping and accessories to fall into the water,

And the best example is the recently revealed "Espresso Machines" affair

Moreover. Domestic water softener (ion exchanger), has been outlawed for domestic uses due to the discharge of sewage concentrate enriching

The salt aquifers (underground aquifers, which are an important source of water for drinking purposes), and mainly for health reasons,

Due to the increase in sodium levels in the water, which causes a rise in blood pressure, and a dangerous deficiency in "magnesium", so that water softener is both illegal and unhealthy

Is mineral water is a good solution?

Not necessarily, mineral water bottles can contain a dangerous amount of artificial "estrogen""

Severely affecting the human body.

So, the issue of drinking mineral water, especially baby food preparation, is problematic

In contrast, showers from mineral water bottles should not be a health problem, provided they do not drink the water during bathing,

Also, the economic consideration as well as the physical weight in carrying the "sixes" should be considered.

Without a safe threshold, since the "lead" levels allowed in drinking water are estimates only,

For two main reasons, one is that the values set were set at a time when the measuring instruments failed to measure values below 10 PPB,

So this is the set threshold, a second reason is that "clinical studies" cannot be performed on hazardous substances in humans

And certainly not children and / or infants who are unable / able to sign a medical experiment participation agreement.

Is there even a danger in bathing in water containing "lead"?

In our opinion, the damage to the shower is greater, and more dangerous.

From the damage of direct drinking water with "lead" values, and this is widely spoken of, since this issue primarily promotes corporate interests

Of mineral water, which is both economically based and also creates advertising "spins" in condemning tap water, thus raising the

Mineral water sales cycles.

The issue of the "lead" levels we absorb in the shower has not been thoroughly investigated, although the US Department of Health is discussing the issue,

Speaking unequivocally and completely, the "lead" penetrates the human body during the shower.

Important Information:

* In drinking, the "lead" reaches the stomach first, and some comes from the stomach into the bloodstream

   In the "lead" shower comes a shorter way to the bloodstream, not through the stomach*

Absorbing "lead" through the bath / shower water occurs in seven main ways:

1 Through the pores of the skin throughout the body – the short way to the bloodstream

2 Through cuts and wounds in the skin, scalp and oral cavity / gums – the short way to blood circulation

3 The respiratory route – the short path to the bloodstream

4 The eyes / ears – the short way to the bloodstream

5 The venous / vaginal pathway – through the genitals / reproduction

6 Anus / Hemorrhoids – Intestine through the bloodstream

7 Oral by swallowing water – the stomach through the bloodstream

*Note – out of 7 options of "lead" infiltration into the bloodstream, there is only one option

Where the "lead" can get through the stomach, partially and indirectly, and 6 shorter, faster ways

More and more directly, without "gastric" mediation, which may lower the level of "lead" passing into the bloodstream.


While an adult shower in water that is over half its weight (40 liters), babies shower in quantity

Water that is 20 to 50 times the weight of their body.

The "lead" that penetrates the bloodstream, swirling between all the "soft organs" (spleen, liver, brain, etc.) for the duration

Of several weeks, and only then settles, in bones and teeth.

Blood pressure is almost the same between an adult and a baby, so the blood circulation in a baby is up to 10 times greater than that of an adult.

In other words, in the same unit of time and under the same conditions, a baby exposes all of the "soft" organs in the body, up to 10 times as much

 "Lead" confirms a mature person, especially during the critical period, of the "migration" of the "lead" between the soft organs and bones.

Is there a threshold for the amount of "lead" allowed in the human body?

But it seems to us that a serious research institute can answer such a question.

.. "There is no safe threshold for lead in drinking water," and the Ministry of Health said: "Install drinking water recommended by

"World Health Organization" and adopted in Israeli standards (10 PPB), based on analytical and therapeutic capabilities,

And not protection from adverse health effects. "- that is, it derives from the detection sensitivity threshold of the analytical measuring instrument,

That existed at the time of setting the standard, and not for health reasons. The Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks in Europe,

Stated in 2011, "Even if, and when they meet the future standard in Europe (10 PPB), there may be adverse effects,

And there is justification for further restrictions on the exposure of the population to lead "- this is indeed shown, in the presentation of the Ministry of Health itself …. It is clear that the page

Well done, well done to the Israeli Ministry of Health!

How can we calculate the amount of lead we can absorb from the water?

As stated above, it is impossible to know for sure that no clinical research has been conducted, and this is a reasonable hypothesis.

Suppose an adult weigh about 80 kg, drinks water with permissible values ​​of up to 10 PPB "lead",

According to the Israeli Ministry of Health's People's Health Policy (page 15)

The human body absorbs up to 80% "lead" directly into the bloodstream, especially on days when it is little to eat.

Baby / child weighing 10 kg (1/8 of adult weight) and drinking exactly the same water and under the same conditions as we do adults

Drink, but with one big difference, the amount of "lead" introduced into the bloodstream is equivalent to 10 times the amount of "lead",

Then an adult, that is, about 80 PPB and another 50% due to his young age, meaning, the equivalent of 120 PPB, since the levels of absorption

Of the "lead" from the stomach, the blood circulation is 50% greater in children than the adults.

And what does the American Health Organization say about the "lead" issue in drinking and showering?

  • The amount of "lead" entering the blood into the blood is greater in infants and children than in adults by 50% (page 5).


*Although no clinical study has been conducted yet, the American Health Organization has unequivocally determined that skies containing "lead"

Do get into the bloodstream through the skin during the shower (page 5)


Is the topic of downloading the "lead" values ​​from consumer products actually implemented?

In the 1980s, the "human" realized that the "lead" was indeed detrimental to health, which is why the terms of colors came from

"Lead-free" for fear of swallowing and / or breathing "lead," especially from walls and interior furniture.

As well as beyond the "lead-free" fuel, to prevent the "lead" from the exhaust fumes of the vehicles.

In contrast, in drinking water, and especially in the State of Israel, the war on "lead" has only just begun,

The more we test, the more "lead" anomalies are found in the water we drink, and especially when we shower the lead vapor we breathe.

Why has the "human" not yet understood the danger of "lead" in drinking water?

There are places in the world that "human" did understand, for example in the US, when a person buys a relevant filtration system for his home, he gets

Partial credit of the taxes paid to the authorities, thus encouraging its citizens to maintain health, probably the affair

The city of Flint, Michigan, where authorities concealed the level of "lead" in drinking water, did.

In Israel, the Ministry of Health does not disclose relevant information to citizens and takes unclear steps, including "full non-transparency", and it's a shame.

Is there a solution to lower the "lead" values for all water in your home?

LOTUS- water filter installed at the entrance to the house, and the only one that removes at least 40% of the "lead", "scale" levels and increase

the healthy "magnesium" level to 60 mg, as well as adhere to some rules, most importantly, do not drink water and / or shower

When hungry, thus significantly reducing lead absorption in the bloodstream (page 5)


Who is the Lotus water filter for?

The Lotus water filter is designed for all citizens of the world and in the country, and especially for anyone who wants to shower and drink quality water

Patients from tartar, lead and not lower the magnesium level from the water.

If a baby food factory uses all product lines in the Lotus product

And this plant has the most stringent permits and standards for baby food production

So the lotus filter must indeed be installed in every home in the world .

The following is the text from the company's website, which has lotus filters installed for production lines for baby food products:

.. "In the state-of-the-art factory, the product is manufactured without human contact, with a state-of-the-art machine.

The factory has implemented very stringent quality standards, such as the international HACCP standard for food manufacturers,

Ministry of Health GMP standard and ISO 9001 standard.

What can the state do about water to keep citizens healthy?

1 to refund every citizen for buying a system that handles "lead" for the whole household, such as the "lotus" as they do in the US

    And as the State of Israel did several years ago on the subject of the "wise men".

2 Charge each importer / manufacturer of drinking products, check "lead" for their products, and comply with the relevant standards.

3 charge each manufacturer / importer, to list on the product / packaging and advertising materials, the "lead" values ​​it adds, as well as to warn

The public regarding "exclusion of" magnesium values, if it is missing

4 Understand and assimilate that the maximum threshold of 10 PPB be tested in the citizen's glass at his home.

5 Further to Section 2, the Israeli Standards Institute must lower the maximum threshold for products

That are assembled one after another, that is, from the source of the national water supply, through the piping to the water tap in the house

Citizen, so that the total "lead" content will not exceed 10 PPB.

6 To require the Israeli Standards Institute to disqualify systems that treat tartar and "lead" water services,

     Even if these systems have a standard an Israeli standard, as well as prohibit their marketing in Israel and the world as well, it is permissible

Exporting these products to other countries, a good example is the US and China which allow factories to manufacture products

Disallowed for drinking, for export only. It is important to understand that tartar handling systems are not mandatory systems, such as piping,

Taps, etc., and the citizen can live without them, and in some cases, even more years.

7 restore the magnesium level, as it appeared in the old, good and old People's Health Policy

So that the water suppliers also check, and also report to the citizens, the level of magnesium provided to the homes, so that the public

Know what he drinks and if he does drink a proper level of magnesium necessary for health.

8 force the relevant bodies to report in real time and in full transparency, the results of the water test to the citizen,

Even if the results are exceptional, and providing an immediate solution as a permanent solution to the problem.

*Let us assume that all the components leading the water up to our home are at the threshold of

Up to 10 PPB, which cannot be said for all products, since some are simply not tested,

Because the importer declares that the accessories are for irrigation and landscaping purposes, under the TA section, which means a standard does not apply.

We can't fight the unhealthy water that we are getting from the state

We can't stop drink or take a shower.

You are asking what can we do?

We can buy the Lotus filter, and live longer and happier