lead and fluor in drinking water

Lead and fluorine – the improper bond

This article will address seven troubling questions about drinking water

1) 1% of the water supply is for the benefit of drinking, if the price of 99% of water containing fluorine (fluorosalic acid) is not expensive, both monetary and health To get a questionable result?

2) Does the Ministry of Health recognize the fact that adding fluorosilicate acid encourages lead dropout from brass piping connectors to drinking water and bathing?

3 ) Does the Ministry of Health know that lead enters through the pores of the skin throughout the body area during the shower?

4) Is the Ministry of Health aware of the fact that while we drink 1% of total water consumption, our bodies Damaged by 40% of lead-consuming water in showers and the clothes and towels washed with lead water?

5) Should it not be worth taking extra unnecessary / harmful fluoridation funds and investing them in adding magnesium to the desalination water, thus preventing the 50% chance of myocardial infarction? By the way, this is a figure that the Ministry of Health revealed in a survey conducted by Maccabi with about 110,000 patients

6) It is clear to us that adding chlorine to water is an act of saving civilian life, do you think the introduction of pleurisy acid preserves human life?

7) Is it possible that instead of investing in fluorosilicate acid (considered as a by-product waste) that you purchase CIL, which simply bought magnesium CIL?

Only a small percentage of the water is used for drinking and cooking and 99% for the other uses.

It is worth noting that we treat 1% of water in domestic consumption, and there are also public requirements

Of large and decomposed quantities of water used for public irrigation, car washing, plumbing, demonstration, evaporation and more, hence:

The amount of water consumed for drinking / cooking is negligible and aims at zero.

The claim: Drinking water flushing raises the toxic lead concentration in drinking water



If this is indeed proven, both the argument and the legalization must stop, and immediately


For the sake of clarification, it is worth noting that brass pipe assemblies are made up of most of copper, lead and zinc.

For example, the US standard does not allow zinc exceedance of 15%, although such a low level of zinc raises the price of the product, as more work, more time, and higher wear of processing equipment is invested in it.

Of course, in our "nearby" state (the State of Israel) there are also vehicles containing high concentrations of zinc and lead, although there are clear standards.

Of course the product will be cheaper, but the actual result is that the pipe connectors are more vulnerable to digestion (corrosion, corrosion), and so the lead is emitted directly to the home water, which we use for bathing and drinking, worse is the fact that the damage is greater than the exposure to the lead when drinking and drinking 1 liter but showered with 50 liters of hot water that opens the skin pores and through which the lead penetrates without interruption directly to the bloodstream, it is worth noting that water filtration systems do not lower the lead values,

Except for the lotus of drop tech.

The article

In May 2016, it was written to: "Ireland Water," and to its Board of Directors, EPA Executive Director, Food Safety Executive, Chair of the Consumer Association of Ireland, Chief Medical Officer of the HSE, Minister of Health and Taoiseach's Office of Concerns Many about the safety of Irish drinking water, including the negative health risks of sharing fluoride and lead exposure toxicity.

No reply has been received to this day.

For the public interest and awareness, we would like to share the following information. It is estimated that 1 in 10 homes in Ireland may be contaminated directly from their water, potentially exposing hundreds of thousands of consumers to poisoned water.

Certain areas of Ireland, such as Limerick have been identified as paying special attention to lead service pipelines. The public should also be aware that almost all of Ireland's public water supplies are artificial fluoride with hexafluorosilicic acid.

In several reviews in journals, studies have been published to find an increase in blood lead levels among children living in areas where there is artificial abscission.

 In 2007, researchers in the Journal of Neurotoxicity published findings on water treatment by fluorosilicic acid (hexafluorosilicic) in combination with chlorine used to disinfect water supply, leading to increased droplets of lead from plumbing and plumbing fixtures

It is important for readers of this article to know that in two US cities, Tacoma, Washington, Maryland, applies

  Immediate decrease in lead concentration in drinking water supply when the fluoridation process is stopped!

In 2009, a report by the chief chemist in Thunder Bay, Canada (numbering about 110,000) found that the largest amount of lead washing occurred when the water was treated with acid

Hexafluorosilicic fluorosilicon.

In 2010, a study published in the journal Toxicology found that:

A combination of fluorine and lead leads to increased blood lead growth

In this study, higher lead levels were found in animals exposed to both poisons compared to animals exposed to lead only. The researchers conclude that their results support previous studies, which

Water droplets have been found to increase children's exposure to lead in wasteful areas.

It is clear to us that it is currently unknown a safe level of fluorine that prevents lead exposure or lead loss of up to 10 PPB, which is the highest threshold.

According to the World Health Organization, young children are particularly vulnerable to the toxic effects of lead, and may suffer from profound and permanent adverse health effects..

Lead affects children’s brain development and consequently reduces intelligence, behavioral changes such as attention deficit, as well as increased antisocial behavior, and decreases educational attainment

 Lead exposure also causes anemia, hypertension, kidney failure, and toxic to reproductive organs.

The neurological and behavioral effects of lead are considered irreversible. Lead also causes long-term damage to adults, including an increased risk of high blood pressure and kidney damage.

Exposure of pregnant women to high levels of lead can lead to miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth, low birth weight, and other malformations.

However, lead increases the toxic effects of fluoride, increasing the incidence of dental fluorosis and the effect of fluoride (neurotoxicity) on the brain.

A regular example of those who advocate for fluoride (this is also the example given by the Israeli Ministry of Health when asking about fluoridation) is the State of Ireland, so

In Ireland, they tried a "brilliant" idea and in order to reduce the risk of lead exposure in Irish waters, a scheme in Limerick tried to treat water supply by introducing phosphates aimed at inhibiting and stabilizing lead loss.

 Obviously this stupid move failed

 At Perth Children's Hospital, Australia, where there is a quality problem in the water supply, delaying the opening of a new  1.2 billion $ hospital, as of today the two-year delay is up to the current risk to public safety and staff being resolved.

According to the evidence, the risks of lead toxicity can even be fully treated simply by stopping the fluorination in water.

However, as long as the Irish Department of Health does not stop the fluoridation, Irish consumers, including infants and children, remain at an increased risk of lead poisoning, and mainly suffer from increased toxicity and fluoride exposure and drinking water lead.

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